Halloween chocolate cake

This cake was made for halloween and it was made with a cake mix so we only needed to add some ingredients, I  was not in class when my unit baked this cake but I ate some and it was very good (especialy the frosting!). I also enjoyed the decoration! Advertisements

Chocolate chocolate chip cookies

These are chocolate cookies with chocolate chips! We needed to make the dough twice because we added too much flour the first time but the second attempt was good, we baked a jelly roll pan for 10 minutes and the second one for 8; I think 8 minutes is the best option.

Gingerbread house

This is the gigngerbread house that Luca and me made! We baked and assembled the cookies, we only bought candies. I think it doesn’t taste great but it looks nice, it was very fun to bake and build because I never did it before in my life, it takes some hours but it worth it.

Sheep cupcakes

Do you want to have your own beautiful and tasty flock? Let’s make these amazing sheep cupcakes! BEEEH ready! You need (12 cupcakes): 125 g butter at room temperature 135 ml milk at room temperature 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 10 g baking powder 265 g 00 flour 2 eggs at room temperature 1 teaspoon baking soda…

Puck cake

My favourite sport is ice hockey so I thought that a puck-shaped cake would be great and not too much hard or long to make. I also added a NHL team’s logo on the top (it’s a cookie), the covering is made with fondat and inside there are chocolate M&M’s with Nutella, but you can…